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Ramli John here, founder of Marketing Powerups. Glad to see you here!

Let me introduce myself and share how Marketing Powerups can help marketers like you.

I'm Ramli John, a marketer, content creator, and founder of Marketing Powerups.

For over 15 years, I've worked in marketing, from startups (ProductLed) to scale-ups (Appcues) and enterprise companies (GoDaddy). I'm also the author of the best-selling book Product-Led Onboarding.

I created Marketing Powerups to build a resource and community I wish I had early in my career.

My mission with Marketing Powerups is to help you level up as a marketer.

There are THREE ways I can help you with that right now...

1. The newsletter

Every Friday, I send a newsletter with a marketing framework, technique, or strategy from world-class marketers. Here's what some of the world's best marketers say about the Marketing Powerups newsletter:

2. The show

Every week on the Marketing Powerups show, I dive into the specifics of the secrets, strategies, and frameworks behind the wins of the world's best marketers, like April Dunford, Kevin Indig, Gia Laudi, Corey Haines, and Amanda Natividad.

Not what worked 2, 5, or 10 years ago, but specific strategies and frameworks that are working for them TODAY.

My goal is to make it as zero-fluff and value-packed as possible and maximize the "actionable insights per minute" to help you hit your KPIs consistently, wow your colleagues, and accelerate your marketing career.  

I know that sounds insane, but check it out:

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3. The powerups cheatsheets

Listening to or watching someone show you a marketing framework is one thing. But to start using it to improve your marketing can be a challenge.

That's why I wanted to make it easy for you by giving you a powerups cheatsheet that you can download, fill in, and apply the concepts and frameworks discussed by each guest.

For example, you can download the powerups cheatsheet (direct link with no email required) for April Dunford's 4-part product storytelling.

Marketing Powerups Cheatsheet for April Dunford's Product Storytelling Framework

I share new powerups cheatsheets exclusively with subscribers.

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What's coming up

This is just the beginning!

Some of the things I have planned for Marketing Powerups may include:

  • "Power-Up Hour" — A one-hour feedback session where I invite marketing experts to provide tips to improve emails, landing pages, ads, and even resumes.

  • "Marketing Powerups Summit" — A one-day virtual summit where world-class marketers share a practical, real-world tip, strategy, or framework

  • "Marketing Powerups All-Stars Community" — An online space for marketers to meet, connect, share lessons, provide feedback, celebrate wins, and level up their careers.

Stay tuned!

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